I am now a website girl! It’s all about cyclocross.

As a rule, I am not really at one with computers, and computers, I get the impression, are not really at one with me.

However, I think we have a mutually beneficial, if not deeply loving, relationship.

And so, although I never dreamt of being a website kind of girl, I am now a website girl. My own website! A place where all my totally awesome ideas can cosy up together and feel right at home.

You will find reports and interviews like I have been doing over the last few months, plus a pleasing plethora of journalistic gems (and all the alliteration you can handle. And probably a bit more.).

It’s all about cyclocross for now. I’m going to explore the whole culture of this winter wonder. (Ooh, there I go again!). There is going to be interviews with riders, commentators, organisers, WAGS, HABS and MADS – that’s Wives and Girlfriends, Husbands and Boyfriends and Mums and Dads. It is a family affair after all! There is definitely room for a regular feature on the abundance of spectacular trackside headgear, and I shall be making regular visits to the Motherland to bring you frites and mayo and Belgian beer reviews!

My site is up and running but there are things to be tweaked and titivated with, so for now content will be here on my blog. I’m kicking things off tomorrow at the Eastern League with a photo report and an interview with the talented and ever-so-lovely youngster, Sean Dunlea.

All your tweets and shares and support are very gratefully received – keep them coming! Ideas and ‘what we want to sees’ are also welcomed. Let’s make this the home of UK cyclocross on the web!

Anna x

Over and out.

A website you say?

A website you say? Cracking idea. I’m off!


About annabuick

A cycling writer and photographer. annabuick.wordpress.com


  1. Excellent. A contribution to a better World. And it is all about the ‘Cross!

  2. all that cx stuff looks like it involves far to much laundry every weekend. good luck with the new website

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