From the Pits needs YOU!

From the Pits is not about lists of results and half-heartedly covering every single race every single weekend.

It is about YOU!  Riders, racers, supporters. The flippin’ awesome people of cyclocross!

I have already got loads of interviews under way, some regular features in the pipeline and I’m now working on some weekly features which have the UK’s ‘crossers at the heart of them. I can’t possibly be at each race and so I need to rely on you to get involved and be part of From the Pits. We’ll start with these two –

The Monday Map will pictorially present the weekend’s cyclocross action from across the country. It will revolve around Twitter – all you have to do is tweet me (@annafromthepits) with your region and  your weekend’s ‘cross experience, all in 140 characters. I will collate this in a nice pretty picture to see what was going down where; the good, the bad, the weather and the winners. Your concise catalogue of ‘cross for a Monday morning peruse, with your names and tweets. The best tweet headlines the feature and, if you are up for it, I will contact you for a quick interview which will accompany the map. 

The Hierarchy of HatsThe crazier the head gear, the bigger the cyclocross fan. Fact. Temperatures are still fairly mild, but I would bet my last Rolo that there have already been some trackside triumphs spotted! We all have our favourite ‘cross season fashion faux pas, so let’s celebrate them. Send in your photos and let us see who sits atop the Hierarchy of hats! 

At the moment From the Pits is a little snowball with awesome potential (if I may say so myself!). Help me get it rolling this winter by following me on Twitter @annafromthepits and retweeting the things you like, by getting involved in The Monday Map and The Hierarchy of Hats, by spreading the word among your cyclocross friends and, most importantly, checking out my features here at


I think these girls were onto something, and I think I am too, but Anna From the Pits needs YOU to make it happen!


Get in touch:



Thanks. Anna x


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