The Alphabet of XC

A couple of months back I embarked on quite a natty little journey for

I started at Albstadt and ended with Zakelj. 

Here I have grouped this nine-stage journey from A to Z, through cross-country mountain biking, for your reading pleasure. 

Each letter is a tasty bite-size morsel, and there’s plenty of pretty pictures.


A, B and C

A World Cup venue in Germany, a young XC star who is sadly no longer of this earth, and the course that will host the opening round of the 2014 British Cycling XC Series.



D, E and F

The changing nature of XC courses, an amazing father figure, and two of the coolest chaps in the sport.


G, H and I

A city in China, a town in Belgium and a Scottish star of the future.


J, K and L

Olympic Champions, a GB power house and a not-to-be-forgotten face.–jkl.html


M, N and O

The Dutch Queen, The World’s current King, and a retiring stalwart of British XC.


P, Q and R

A sparkly Italian who was a World Cup, World and Olympic Champion, crazy cool race venues, and super talented Aussie.


S, T and U

A Cyclocross legend, the ‘Elder Statesman’ of European XC, and the future of the sport.


V, W and X

Technological development, World Cup racing USA-style, and the baby of the sport.


Y and Z

Top young guys and gals, and a World Cup overall winner.


About annabuick

A cycling writer and photographer.

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