I’m re-homing you at www.fromthepits.co.uk

Hello to all you lovely followers.

Thank you so much for finding this blog, reading it, and spreading the word. I am ever delighted and humbled by everyone who drops in for a read, and I really appreciate every comments and piece of positive feedback.

However, I don’t really want you coming here anymore. I’m kicking you out and re-homing you at http://www.fromthepits.co.uk!

There you will find everything that has been here, and much more besides. My personal tales of adventure can be found under the ‘Blog’ section, and the MTB and cyclocross articles all have a natty new home.

The #MondayMap continues, and will be joined by ‘Tips from the Top’ and various other features which celebrate the people and culture of our sport. New to the site is a lovely interview with Annie Simpson and Ian Field, a behind the scenes look at Orange Monkey Pro Team, and a series of articles about women’s cycling in the inter World War years.

So, head on over and check it out! I will see you there.

You can also follow what’s going on From the Pits on Twitter: @annafromthepits, and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fromthepits


Thumbs up and thanks!

Thumbs up and thanks!


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